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Best Solo Cooking Pot (900ml)

Alpkit's MytiPot 900 on a Kovea Spider Stove with Scramble's Titanium Windshield

Alpkit's MytiPot 900 Titanium Cooking Pot


As always, we're looking at the Alpkit MytiPot 900 from the point of view of long distance trekking over tough terrain.

2023 Update

In 2022 (we think) Alpkit changed the design of their MyTiPot 900 making it narrower and taller, thus decreasing the surface area in contact with the heat source and thereby reducing its thermal efficiency, no doubt negatively impacting boil times. We think this is a very strange choice for a company that is proudly on board the "net zero" train.

However, this review remains relevant to other pots on the market that share an almost identical design to Alpkit's original (afterall Alpkit simply buy in their titanium ware from the far east). So, instead of recommending Alpkit's new version we instead recommend the following pots that closely mirror the pot in this review: 

Both can be reliably tracked down on AliExpress.

Test subject: n/a
Kit Tests: Winter, Summer
Disclaimer: None required (item not provided by manufacturer)


Materials: Brushed Titanium TA1 100%
Volume: 900ml
Weight (Pot + Lid + Stuff Sack = ): 94g + 26g + 18g = 138g
External Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 12.3cm x 9.2cm
Internal Dimensions (Diameter x Depth): 11.5cm x 9.1cm
Manufacturer RRP £29.00

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It's likely the cooking pot is the largest cookware item you'll carry (assuming you're not climbing that mountain just to cook a paella). So what we're after is something that quickly boils enough water for a meal and a cuppa, is lightweight, durable, and can hold as much other kit as possible so all that volume doesn't go to waste. Enter Alpkit's titanium MytiPot 900 solo pot.

Why Titanium?

Titanium is a low density, high strength metal, 45% lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum. It is the lightest cookware material you can buy before sacrificing strength and durability. Titanium is tasteless, odourless and corrosion-resistant, and due to its strength, a titanium pot can be made with very thin walls, enhancing heat transfer.  Simply put, the ideal material for boiling water in a hurry - and that's ostensibly what we use the MytiPot for. 

Alpkit's MytiPot 900 and Scramble's 24g Titanium Spider Windshield PrototypeAlpkit's MytiPot 900 and Scramble's 25g Titanium Spider Windshield (Test Prototype)

The MytiPot 900 has a good size base so not too much heat escapes up the side of the pot (plus a well fitting windshield will help focus heat on the pot base).

Okay, so we've established that it's an efficient boiler, and is very strong and durable for its weight, how well does it pack?

Packability: Ideally Proportioned?

The MytiPot 900 and the more expensive MSR Titan Kettle share very similar measurements, both happily accommodating a 250g gas canister. Let's see what other combinations are possible.

The MytiPot 900 holds a Kovea Spider, 100g Jetboil canister and Scramble's WindshieldThe MytiPot 900 can hold a Kovea Spider remote canister stove, a 100g Jetboil canister and Scramble's Spider Windshield.

That's the gas users sorted, what about the filthy hexamine crowd:

Filthy Hex

There are good reasons to use solid fuels: easier fuel budgeting, no canister pressure issues (altitude, cold), no leaks, combustion accidents etc .. and weight (no container required for solid fuels). But for all those gains, solid fuels like Hexamine are dirty, slower and less efficient. Nonetheless, the Alpkit Mytipot works well on a range of solid fuel stoves:

Alpkit's MytiPot 900 on a Swiss Notkocher 71 emergency stove burning a Hexamine Vaseline mixMytiPot 900 on a Swiss Notkocher 71 emergency stove

Again, seeming to be just the right size, the MytiPot holds an Esbit Titainium Solid Fuel Stove, a focus ring, and a Tatonka Expedition Mug:

The MytiPot 900 packing an Esbit Titanium Stove, focus ring and Tatonka Expedition MugThe MytiPot 900 packing an Esbit Stove, focus ring and a Tatonka Expedition Mug

... though the lid doesn't quite close over the Tatonka mug. The mesh stuff sack does a good job holding everything together.

Alpkit's MytiPot stuff sack does a good job of holding everything in placeAlpkit's MytiPot stuff sack does a good job of holding everything in place

Any Negatives?

Not really. The only thing that occasionally catches this user out is that when I'm tired, I sometimes forget to pull out the handles and then find they're too hot to handle. But that's more a PEBPAT* issue rather than anything to do with the MytiPot's design. So, any negatives? No.

*Problem Exists Between Pot and Tent

Conclusion & Rating

I've been using this pot for years and it's still going strong. A robust, super light (for such a large volume pot), stable, efficient boiler. The MytiPot packs well with other standard cooking kit (canisters, stoves etc,) and to top it off, it sits perfectly in Scramble's favourite bowl: the Snow Peak Titanium 580ml. All of which makes Alpkit's MytiPot 900 our top pick in the Best Solo Cooking Pot category. 

Alpkit's MytiPot 900 sitting in a Snow Peak Titanium 580ml BowlAlpkit's MytiPot 900 sitting in a Snow Peak Titanium 580ml Bowl


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Last Updated: 30/03/23

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