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Special Mention: Food Bag, UL Day & Carry-On Travel Pack

The Edelrid Lite 30 (Scramble Mod)

Edelrid's Lite Bag 30 (Minor Mod)

Special Mentions

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Over time we've come across a number items that have really impressed us and we'd like to draw attention to, but ...

  • either they don't quite fit into our rather strictly defined / narrow categories, or
  • due to their high price-point, they cannot compete with our existing recommendations (mainly on the value score), or
  • they will become our top choice, but only if and when our existing recommendation becomes unavailable (i.e. this item is the current heir in waiting but is just marginally edged out by our current recommendation), or
  • they were going to be our number one choice but the manufacturer (for some strange reason) discontinued the product and we got hold of as many as we could before they were all gone (and improved them)

So for such items we've created "special mentions" (SM). These "reviews" don't get a rating score and may receive less in-depth coverage and don't feature in our catalogue, instead the SM write-ups fall somewhere between a post and a formal review. They are identified by a blue Scramble mountain logo.

Intros out of the way, we'll proceed with a look at Edelrid's "Canyoning Pack", the Lite Bag 30, and as always, we're looking at the item from the point of view of long distance trekking over tough terrain.

Test subject: Chest 42", Waist 33", Height: 5ft 8"
Test item: Slate Oasis
Kit Tests: Multiple
Disclaimer: None required (item not provided by manufacturer)


Materials: Polyamide (Nylon) 100%
Weight (Size Stated / Modified & Measured) 100g / 104g
Manufacturer RRP (adjusted for modification add-ons) £22.95
Scramble's Price on SYSTEM £18.25

Available on SYSTEM


Scramble Review



Introduction: Bumping Up The Range

The Edelrid Lite Bag 30 (we'll refer to it as the LB30 from hereon) is described as an ultralight canyoning pack with adjustable shoulder straps and a minimal pack size. It's a simple, top-loading day pack with a drawstring closure at the top and a drainage hole in the base and we've used them as food bags and return journey "carry-on / travel packs" for the past few years.

Edelrid Lite 30, pictured mid-trekEdelrid Lite 30 mid trek.

At Scramble we're constantly trying to reduce pack-weight without sacrificing durability. As we've incrementally lightened the load, we've not just taken it easy, instead we've replaced those lost grams with additional food stocks, thus increasing the range between potential re-supply points.

A previous Scramble favourite, the Sea To Summit 20L Ultra-Sil Pack was not able to hold 10+ days worth of food and so we tried out Edelrid's LB30.

A look inside the Edelrid Lite 30 as supplies dwindleEdelrid's Lite 30 toward the end of the 2021 Summer Kit test

Edelrid, probably because they manufacture climbing ropes and harnesses, have an uncanny ability to make load-bearing kit that punches way above its weight and that's certainly the case here. The Edelrid LB30 is just as durable as the Sea To Summit pack, perhaps more so, and is lighter on a gram per cubic litre basis (the Edelrid at 100g = 3.3g per litre) versus the Sea To Summit 20L (at 3.5g per litre).

Just One Problem (and thus the "Minor Mod")

However, there was one weakness that the Edelrid had which prevented us from recommending it initially. The standard Edelrid LB30's drawstring cord stop, when under a heavy load (8 - 10 kg, perhaps beyond what Edelrid envisioned), wouldn't maintain its cinched closure and would drift open. This wasn't a problem for a food bag that would sit in ones pack, but for us to recommend it, it had to perform as a day pack also. The bottom line is that Edelrid should have stress tested it more aggressively and they would no doubt have come to a similar solution as ours.

A Minor Modification & Some Handy Additions

The problem is solved with the substitution of two components: the draw cord and the cord stopper. We use the following:

  • CORD: Edelrid's Multicord SP 2.5mm (a far superior and more durable cord with a slightly coarse outer providing more friction)
  • STOP: ITW Nexus' Double Springlock cord stop (which offers a far more secure lock / grip)

For anyone interested in using the LB30 as a day-pack we recommend a couple of additional items (or their equivalents) :  

Edelrid Lite Bag 30: Modifications (left), Recommended Extras (right)

These two items (pictured above right) combine to make the Edelrid LB30 a comfortable, fully waterproof ultralight day pack weighing in around 200g in total (205g with Scramble's mod).

For active use (scrambling, speed hiking), we recommend an 8kg max load limit.

Features of Note

Cinched Opening

The LB30 is a simple top-loading pack with a cinch cord and stopper. As previously stated, we've replaced the cord and the stopper.  Obvously, if used as a day pack, a dry bag is an essential component. The benefit of this is that over-sizing the dry bag will create a minimum of 5L extra capacity.

Edelrid Lite Bag 30's Cinched OpeningA close-up view of the superior Edelrid SP 2.5mm cinch cord

Shoulder Strap Adjusters

The LB30 has wider straps at the shoulder than many packs of a similar ilk. Bags this light generally forego padded straps and having a wider strap helps spread the load and reduces strain on the shoulders.

Each strap has a standard "lift to loosen, pull to tighten" adjuster.and the coarse webbing holds well under load. 

The Edelrid Lite Bag 30's adjustable strapsThe Edelrid LB30 uses good quality webbing and holds firm under load.

The Base

At the base is a single large drainage hole.

The Edelrid Lite Bag 30's large drainage holeThe Edelrid LB30's base has a single drainage hole.

That's pretty much all there is to the Edelrid Lite Bag 30. The only thing worth adding, which we like over the Sea to Summit bag, is the fabric that Edelrid have used is very easy to repair. Though we've not had to make any real repairs to date, we've done some faux repairs to test it and it holds a stitch very nicely and is less fussy than some of the more exotic fabrics like ultralight siliconised Cordura. It would not be hard to make a meaningful repair in the field if one had to.

Any Negatives?

The only negative was that Edelrid should have taken this product more seriously and used better quality components for the closure. But since we've now done that for them, we're happy to recommend our modified version (which we've made available on our store on SYSTEM - note, we include the original components should anyone want to revert to the original).



Designed for Canyoning, the Edelrid Lite Bag 30 is an ultralight, highly packable, top-loading day-pack with a drawstring closure, adjustable straps and a drainage hole in the base.

For those that engage in long distance treks, the LB30 will hold a maximum of around 13 to 14 days worth of food supplies. When that food has been consumed and it's time for the return journey, the LB30 makes an excellent travel / carry-on pack for when your main pack is in the hold.

With a couple of additions (a sit-mat as back-pad and a dry bag), the LB30 becomes a very capable ultralight day-pack for speedy hikes and scrambles.

All in all, an excellent durable lightweight bit of kit with a minimal pack size. Clearly, such a functional item has no place in a dysfunctional world and so had to be discontinued. Fortunately we've rescued a batch, improved them where they needed improving and made them available while we search out a worthy successor. It could take some time. Until then the Edelrid Lite Bag 30 deserves a special mention and is, for the time being, our top pick in the food and travel pack category.


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Last Updated: 08/06/22

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