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[ Archived ] Geertop's Ultralight Tarp (210x180) + DAC NSL Pole

Geertop's Ultralight Micro Tarp

This product has been toppled

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Scramble have modified what was really a tent footprint and have turned it into an ultralight tarp, eliminating the negatives highlighted below. Still using Geertop's excellent sil-nylon fabric, we've completely redone and increased the attachment points using high strength 420D PU coated rip-stop Cordura and have included features to specifically improve its function in very high winds. Still ultralight, but now substantially reinforced and greatly improved.

The legacy conclusion, rating and product specs follow .....

Test subject: Height: 5ft 8"
Test item: Large (210 x 180 cm)
Kit Tests: Winter, Summer
Disclaimer: None required (item not provided by manufacturer)


Tarp Materials: 20D Single-Side Coated Silicon 360T Ripstop Nylon -
Tarp Hydrostatic Head: 8,000mm
Tarp Dimensions (Length x Width): 210 x 180 cm
Tarp Weight (measured): Tarp + Tarp Bag 206g + 6g = 212g
DAC NSL Pole Dimensions (3 sections, Total Height x Width): 123cm x 0.9cm
DAC NSL Pole Total Weight (measured, 3 sections + ends + arch connector): 83g
Weight: Fixings (Cordage, Pegs, Clips etc): 116g


Scramble Conclusion & Final Rating

In many ways the Geertop Tarp is not much more than an ideally proportioned, well finished, sheet of fabric. The point is the fabric is of good quality and is the ideal weight and strength for the purposes outlined above. At a feather over 200g, the Geertop 210 x 180cm tarp, combined with the high quality accessories outlined in this review provides excellent protection from highs winds, rain and snow for a total weight of around 400g. A convenient shelter for short stops on long treks and an ideal porch to append to a hooped bivvy for a flexible, modular tent system, all for half the price of the retail cost of the fabric. Though on the surface the Geertop Tarp may not look like a serious piece of kit, we think it's well worth investigating and can easily be modded to make a very good shelter that out-performs the offerings of better known high end brands. 


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Rating (out of 10)

The rating is for the "tarp" alone (i.e. excludes accessories). Additionally the low final durability score is due to the attachment points, as the Geertop Tarp was really a tent footprint and thus its attachment points, although they held up, were not suitable for a tarp. The function score reflects this - although the fabric is ideal for a tarp, the Geertop product never really was one, until, that is, Scramble went to work.

RRP Value *

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We then average the two scores to get our final value score, which in our example would be 7/10.



Possible modifications

We're looking at replacing the attachment points with Cordura reinforcements and adding attachment points at each side. All attachment points will feature Dyneema and high retraction shockcord loops for guyline attachments. Note: This has now been done and the tarps are in production.


Final Update: 28/03/18

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