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Introducing Scramble DAT

The Scramble DAT Preview Site

What is "Scramble DAT"?

Scramble DAT is a "brochure" version of Scramble, designed to allow new visitors to quickly preview the contents of the main site. It replaces our "micro blog" on tumblr.

As well as running on the normal web, Scramble DAT is designed for the DAT P2P protocol and can be accessed using the excellent Beaker Browser via: dat://57c272aa9e081e23839abc84034bce2a87ee45c5a731ba760b43101f491f26c2/ and is also hosted by #_hashbase at: dat:// and

This is what the site looks like via DAT P2P:

The Scramble DAT site via P2P using the Beaker Browser


Keeping up to date with Scramble

The best ways to keep up to date with Scramble are:

  • Check in at Scramble DAT (and if you use the Beaker Browser then your version of Scramble DAT will update automatically).
  • Via Scramble's RSS Feed
  • The latest reviews and posts will always appear listed here.
  • And finally, you can follow us on Mastodon (though we update this less frequently than Scrambe DAT).


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