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Scramble G-55 Deluxe Solo / UL 2-Person Sil-PU Tarp - Final Release

Scramble G-55 - Product Release

Scramble's G-55

The G-55 is a minimalist deluxe solo / ultralight 2 person tarp designed to be setup quickly in harsh conditions with minimal fuss. Targeted specifically at bivvy bag users, the G-55 provides 5.5 sqm of cover and is designed to have one or two sides pegged tight to the ground, creating an effective wind and rain barrier in stormy conditions.

Colour-coded, high retraction attachment loops aid setup in low light conditions and help reduce stress on ultralight tarp poles in high winds, while Cordura reinforcements and Dyneema/Polyester cord loops offer superb tear resistance and load tolerance.

With an impressively small pack size and weighing in at just over 400g (including stuff sack) the G-55 makes for a highly protective and spacious shelter easily capable of accommodating two bivvy bag users. For solo long distance trekking the extra space it provides just makes everything so much easier and more enjoyable.

The G-55 is designed to work with two poles (one short, one long) in a hybrid A-Frame / Lean-To configuration with 3 guylines and between 6 and 8 pegs.

If you're unsure what this is about, we strongly recommend looking over our full outline of the G-55 tarp and also the companion piece "Reasons To Go Modular" to see why the G-Series tarps were developed and the issues they were designed to remedy.


Main Fabric: 20D Silicone Impregnated 360T Ripstop Nylon -
Treatments: PU Coated, Seam-Sealed Underside -
Attachment Points: 420D AC Coated Ripstop Cordura (Number = ) 12
Attachment Loops: Dyneema/Polyester Cord + High Retraction Elasticated Cord (Corners Only) 12 x 1.5mm / 6 x 3mm
Hydrostatic Head: 8,000mm
Dimensions: Length x Width (Coverage) 260 x 210 cm (5.46 sqm)
Tarp Weight (measured): Tarp + Tarp Bag ~410g + 10g = ~420g
Scramble's Price on SYSTEM (current 10% discount cap / RRP) £77.85 / £86.50

Available on SYSTEM


Release News

The G-55 is the upgraded version of Scramble's G-Mod 55. Although the tarp looks almost identical (the main fabric and most of the component materials remaining the same), there have been a number of ("under the hood") improvements. Simply put, what can be improved has been:

What's Changed?

  • The first is a little superficial but worth noting. We now deal directly with the HK factory and thus are able to control the process a little more. So the G-55s are now logo and print free (in line with the other Scramble products which are made without logos as we don't like treating people like billboards).
  • The corner attachment points have had a minor but important re-design. They are slightly larger with larger wrap around tabs. This means there is more surface area for additional lines of stitching and a central flag-stitch. Basically, they are more fail-safe and able to handle greater stresses.
  • The stuff sacks are now made in the UK from a superior, stronger fabric (40D sil-nylon ripstop). Since we now make the stuff sacks we've re-made the G-55's so it's substantially larger and thus easier to pack away when conditions are less than ideal.
  • We've switched over the threading to this one by Gutermanns.
  • Now more of the manufacturing is done in the UK, the G-55s are little more expensive to make, but we've decided to cap the price for as long as we can so they'll cost about the same as the older G-Mod 55s.

The G-55s will be available from around mid-December to early Jan 2020.


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Last Updated: 14/11/19

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