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Scramble Site Update: Email Forms

April 2022

This is just a quick note to visitors of this site that have attempted to email us in the last few months (may be a little longer).  Our web hosting provider upgraded their servers a while back and seem to have overlooked a minor (permissions-based) technical issue which unfortunately broke the email forms (those in the footer of almost every page) on the Scramble site.

So, if you've sent us an email and we haven't got back to you (we always reply to each and every email we receive) then: 

  1. please accept our sincere apologies,  and
  2. if you still want to contact us, please feel free to re-email (scroll down to the footer below) and we'll get in touch with you straight away. Also, if you know, please state approximately when you tried to contact us last.

Many thanks,
The Scramble Team

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