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Scramble's UL Windshield (Windscreen) for the Kovea Spider

Scramble's Spider Ultralight Titanium Windshield


Materials: TC4 Titanium Sheet (0.1mm) 100%
Dimensions (packed flat) 7.8 x 30cm x 0.3cm
Weight 25g
Scramble's Price on SYSTEM £19.45

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Scramble's Spider Ultralight Titanium Windshield

Designed for the best camping stove around - the Kovea Spider

The Kovea Spider is Scramble's top rated stove in the "4 Season Gas Stove" category, in fact it's the only stove we recommend and you can see our detailed review here. So impressed were we, we designed an ultralight windshield to accompany it - enter the Scramble Spider Windshield:

Scramble's Spider Ultralight Titanium Windshield with the Kovea Spider on Full PowerScramble's Spider Titanium Windshield with the Kovea Spider on full power.

Unlike gas-top canister stoves, remote gas canister stoves allow the windshield to provide full wrap-around wind protection, as this doesn't affect the temperature of the canister. This means that remote canister stoves, especially ones as efficient as the Kovea Spider, when accompanied by a fully protective windshield are far more efficient than canister-top stoves. In our review, we show that the Kovea Spider will weigh less (all in) than an ultralight 45g canister top stove on trips of 1 week or more simply due to gas burning efficiency.


  • The Spider Windshield has been designed to fit inside two of the most popular solo trekking pots: The MSR Titan Kettle and Alpkit's Myti900 pot.
  • Made from 0.1mm thick TC4 Titanium Sheet the Windshield weighs just 25g.
  • Titanium sheet is flexible and very robust and provides stable wind protection even in extreme high winds and sub zero temperatures.
  • The windshield has a back-plate which swivels round and slots into place via 2 tabs. The plate can be further secured via the back-plate clip. High winds in sub zero temperatures will cool the cooking pot via convection as it's trying to boil. The purpose of the back-plate is to block the wind and allow convection to cool the windshield instead of the pot. When cooking in such conditions make sure the back-plate is facing the oncoming wind.
  • The Spider Windshield also comes with a "front-door" which further prevents any heat loss. The window allows the user to light the stove when the door is fitted, and also keep an eye on the flame. The door is not always necessary, but is useful in poor conditions. The door is easily opened and closed via a tab and hook fitting on the right side.
  • The Spider Windshield has been designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor life, and Scramble have attempted to remove any potential points of failure (earlier designs has a press-fit button, but these are prone to fail over time).
  • As this is a very niche product (working only with the Kovea Spider) initial runs of this item are hand-made / machined from a template design.
  • The Windshield comes with 2 additional spare clips.
  • Max pot base diameter allowed by the Spider Windshield is approximately 13.5cm (i.e. a fraction less than the 14cm max pot support diameter of the Spider Stove).


Scramble's Spider Windshield packed in the Alpkit Myti900 with the Kovea SpiderScramble's Spider Titanium Windshield packed away in the Myti900 Pot

For more details, images and instructions, see our product page on SYSTEM.


Last Updated: 31/03/22:  (added new main image)

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