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Scramble's G-Mod 35D Ultralight Solo Tarp - Development Release

Scramble's G-Mod 35D - Development Release

Scramble's G-Mod 35D

The G-Mod 35 is a minimalist, ultralight tarp designed to be setup quickly in harsh conditions with minimal fuss. Targeted specifically at bivvy, hooped bivvy and UL tent users, the G-Mod 35 provides 3.5 sqm of cover with enough width to offer meaningful shelter in stormy conditions. Colour-coded, high retraction attachment loops aid setup in poor light and help reduce stress on ultralight tarp poles in high winds, while Cordura reinforcements and Dyneema/Polyester cord loops offer superb tear resistance and load tolerance. With an impressively small pack size and weighing in at around 230g (including stuff sack) the G-Mod 35 may be lightweight but it's proven, over years of testing, that it's tough enough to handle itself in extremely challenging conditions.

If you're unsure what this is about, we strongly recommend looking over our full outline of the G-Mod 35 and also the companion piece "Reasons To Go Modular" to see why the G-Mod tarps were developed and the issues they were designed to remedy.


Main Fabric: 20D Silicone Coated 360T Ripstop Nylon -
Attachment Points: 420D PU Coated Ripstop Cordura (Number = ) 8
Attachment Loops: Dyneema/Polyester Cord + High Retraction Elasticated Cord (Corners Only) 8 x 1.5mm / 4 x 3mm
Hydrostatic Head: 8,000mm
Dimensions: Length x Width (Coverage) 205 x 170 cm (3.49 sqm)
Tarp Weight (measured): Tarp + Tarp Bag 224g + 6g = ~230g
Scramble's G-Mod 35D (Development Model) Bargain 30% off on SYSTEM £37.80

Available on SYSTEM


Release News

To iron out any kinks in the production process, we produced a number of "early run" "development" tarps which are now available on SYSTEM at a greatly reduced price. So if you want an ultralight solo tarp with a 3 year warranty for under £40, you're in luck (while stocks last).

Apart from the price, the only noticeable difference between the Development and Final versions of the G-Mod 35 is how the edges of the corner attachment points are finished.

Development Models

On the outer edges of the corner Cordura attachment points, to provide some (possibly unnecessary) added protection against abrasion we've used ripstop nylon edging.

G-Mod 35D - Development Release Corner Attachment PointsClick images to enlarge

This is then PU coated and cured to provide a waterproof reinforced edge. We've decided this additional PU coating is unnecessary as the attachment point stitching is silicone treated anyway. However, though this has no effect on the strength and performance of the attachment points it will provide a little extra protection until it eventually wears away.

Think of it like a DWR coating on a new rain jacket (nice while it lasts and can be re-coated - though in this case that won't be necessary). One of the minor downsides is that it makes the corner attachments initially a little tacky. However, once in use, this tackiness soon disappears. 

G-Mod 35D's PU Coated Corner Attachment Points

There may be some minor superficial stitching defects on the Development models, but nothing that will affect their performance. We offer the same 3 year warranty as with the final release model except that if they fail we can only offer a repair or, more likely, provide a full refund but not a replacement.

G-Mod 35D's Attachment Loops

Final Release Models

The final versions employ a more fiddly (for us) but ultimately tidier solution, where the "one-piece" Cordura attachment points are cut with tabs that wrap around at the edges. These are then stitched to the two layers of Cordura above, meaning there is no edge stitching to protect. 

The differences between the development and final models are pretty superficial and won't have any effect on performance or function. The final release versions are just tidier and slightly better finished at the corners.


Both models come with a 3 year warranty and an extended 90 day return policy.


G-Mod 35 Product Images

Scramble's G-Mod 35 - Side View


Scramble's G-Mod 35 - Front View


Scramble's G-Mod 35 - Back View


Scramble's G-Mod 35 - Small Pack Size


Scramble's G-Mod 35 - Lightweight


Last Updated: 23/04/18

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