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Snow Peak's Trek Bowl: Chicken Pasta & Chorizo

Snow Peak's Titanium Trek Bowl


As always, we're looking at the Snow Peak Trek Bowl from the point of view of long distance trekking over tough terrain.

Test item: Trek Bowl
Kit Tests: Winter, Summer
Disclaimer: None required (item not provided by manufacturer)


Materials: Titanium 100%
Dimensions (measured): Rim Diameter / Base Diameter / Depth 14cm / 11cm / 6cm
Weight (measured) 50g (1.6 oz)
Capacity 580ml (20fl oz)
Manufacturer RRP £17.95

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Introduction: Why Titanium?

Titanium is a low density, high strength metal, 45% lighter than steel and much stronger than aluminum. It is the lightest cookware material you can buy before sacrificing strength and durability. Titanium is tasteless, odourless and corrosion-resistant, and simply put is the ideal material for outdoor cookware.

Anything Special?

There are many lightweight bowls out there and there's nothing sensational about Snow Peak's offering - it's made in Japan, finished nicely and being reasonably deep with a slightly rounded base, it sits comfortably in one hand and is nice to eat from.

However, aside from its quality and ergonomics, what we really like about the Trek Bowl are its dimensions.


With a capacity of 580ml it's just right for the kind of lightweight meals any distance trekker is likely to cook up. Pictured below with 120g of my favourite Korean noodles:

Snow Peak's Trek Bowl is sized just rightSnow Peak's Trek Bowl is ideally sized for typical trekking meals

Whether it's couscous, noodles or pasta (with assorted fish or meat accompaniments), we've never had a time when a meal has required additional capacity. For Scramble's purposes it's ideally sized.


The Trek Bowl fits very nicely with our first choice Solo Cooking Pot (the MytiPot 900 from Alpkit). Many of the best solo pots are around 12 to 13cm in diameter, the Trek Bowl is 14cm, which allows it to fit on the outside.

Alpkit's MytiPot 900 fits perfectly inside Snow Peak's Trek BowlAlpkit's MytiPot 900 sitting inside Snow Peak's Trek Bowl

However, there are times when not everything fits so perfectly and this is where the Trek Bowl's design and dimensions are very handy. This combination for example:

Summer LunchLunch in the summer sun

Below, the Tatonka Expedition Mug which contains the Kovea Spider Stove, cleaning sponge and the mug's handle don't quite fit inside the MytiPot 900 (pic 2). The Snow Peak Trek Bowl makes an ideal lid in such circumstances allowing for a little extra headroom (pic 3).

Packing up with Snow Peak's Trek Bowl

So the following items all pack down into something 10cm tall and 14cm in diameter:

Snow Peak's Trek Bowl rounding off a lightweight and compact package (14 x 10cm)Snow Peak's Trek Bowl makes a handy pot lid for packing (note: the MytiPot lid sits at the base)


Conclusion & Rating

Well ... it's a bowl.

But it's a good quality and very lightweight bowl. It sits well in one hand and is sized just about right for sensibly sized portions. However, it's the fact that it doubles perfectly as a lid or base for the excellent MytiPot 900 that seals the deal and makes it our first choice in the Trekking Bowl category.


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Last Updated: 29/08/17

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