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We're not big fans of social media in general, as it has long been established, that in the forms of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it's really a mass carnival of corporate data-mining and "customer" information sharing. However, they'd have their uses, if they weren't so plagued by the "monetization" of their base. So we've created a few (hopefully as benign as possible) places where readers can keep track of all things Scramble related: 

We're on Mastodon (instead of Twitter):

And we've created a micro-blog on Tumblr (which is really just a "preview mirror" of reviews posted at Scramble):

Perhaps the best way to keep up to date is simply via our local RSS feed:

If you're bored and just hanging around Mastodon waiting for something to happen, drop us a Toot, we're on the "instance":

Find our more about Mastodon (and hopefully spread the word) here:


Last Updated: 22/05/17

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