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The Tatonka Expedition Mug

Tatonka's Expedition Mug


As always, we're looking at the Tatonka Expedition Mug from the point of view of long distance trekking over tough terrain.

Test item: Expedition Mug
Kit Tests: Winter, Summer
Disclaimer: None required (item not provided by manufacturer)


Materials: Stainless Steel 18/8 100%
Dimensions (measured): Rim Diameter / Base Diameter / Height 9.25cm / 6.25cm / 9.00cm
Weight (measured) 117g (4.13 oz)
Capacity (To Brim / Standard Measure) 375ml (12.68 US fl oz) / 350ml
Manufacturer RRP ~£13.00 (14 Euros)

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Scramble Review

Introduction: What, No Titanium?

If this design were available anywhere in the world in titanium form, I'm pretty sure we'd be recommending it. Why it's not, we don't know. In our view, aside from the fact it's made from stainless steel, the Tatonka Expedition Mug is just about perfect.

If you do a google image search for "titanium mug removable handle" what you get are the standard mugs with two swivelling handles and an occasional one with a fixed handle. In this review we'll hope to demonstrate why these designs are inferior to the one reviewed here, and why, until a titanium version is made, we're happy to be burdened by a 50g weight premium, just for the sake of a cuppa.


The Tatonka Expedition Mug is made from stainless steel, has a 375ml capacity when filled to the brim and has measured markings in litres (0.125, 0.25 and 0.35L) on its inside, in case you need to know that kind of thing. It'll hold a fraction more fluid than the bog-standard porcelain mugs in everyone's kitchen.  

It's strong, not as light as it might be at 117g and it has a removable handle, and it's the handle that really sets it apart from the competition. The handle curves upward and then down at approximately 25 degrees in a straight line away from the body of the mug and the handle's end hovers about 5mm off the ground. Between the end of the handle to the base of the mug is a gap of 7.5cm.

The Expedition Mug's handle provides stability and keeps its distance on a gas stoveThe Tatonka Expedition Mug brewing a cup of Oolong (insert - on a Kovea Titanium stove)

"But what does all this minutiae mean?", you ask.

Alpkit's lighter but less ergonomic MytiMug 400

It means that ...

  • On uneven ground the handle acts as a stabiliser. I've used this mug now for years and haven't once spilt its contents. So even though it tapers from the rim to the base, it's a more stable mug than most of the titanium mug designs on offer (a typical example is pictured right)
  • You can boil water or heat up a cuppa directly without the handle becoming too hot to handle (pictured above - insert).
  • It's extremely easy to hold (much easier than cups with swivel handles like the one pictured right) and because of the open-ended wide space between handle end and the mug's base, it can be held quite easily with winter mitts that provide almost zero dexterity (like the Buffalo Mitts pictured below).

A hot cuppa in the freezing coldHolding the Tatonka Expedition Mug with a Buffalo Mitt.


Below, we have the main Scramble cookware recommendations: pot, bowl, mug, cooker and windshield. The Tatonka Expedition Mug will hold the Kovea Spider Stove, cleaning sponge and the mug's handle. These will all fit inside the Alpkit MytiPot 900 (pic 2) and the Snow Peak Trek Bowl makes a handy lid, offering some necessary additional headroom (pic 3).

Packing up with the Tatonka Expedition Mug

The following items all pack down into something 10cm tall and 14cm in diameter:

The slightly awkward Expedition Mug is saved by a little extra headroom courtesy of the Snow Peak Bowl

The Expedition Mug's tapered design slightly spoils its packing / space optimising credentials, though the removable handle somewhat makes amends.

Any Negatives?

There are two negatives. One we just touched upon. There are better options out there when it comes to packability. This is largely due to its tapered design. However, that's a relatively minor issue.

The main negative is simply the weight. The Alpkit Myti400 mug (pictured above), without its lid, weighs just 62g (almost half the weight) and has a little extra capacity. But as we said at the outset, in this particular case, design and function trump weight.

Why no one makes a titanium version I have no idea.

Tatonka's Expedition Mug: Beautiful but a little overweightThe Tatonka Expedition Mug: The right design in the wrong material


Conclusion & Rating

Tatonka's Expedition Mug is a titanium mug trapped in a stainless steel body. Ergonomically superior to the competition, its only real fault is its weight; the right design in the wrong material. However, there's so much going for it, that the majority at Scramble (though not all) wouldn't trade in their stainless steel Expedition Mugs for any of the existing titanium offerings.

The design of the removable handle sets it apart, making it stable on uneven ground, suitable for direct heating on small gas stoves and easy to hold even with dexterity-challenged winter mitts. So until someone makes a titanium version, we'll suck up the 50g weight premium and enjoy our cuppas from the Tatonka Expedition Mug, Scramble's top pick in the trekking mug category.


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Last Updated: 14/09/18

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